Personal Brand Assignment Essay

Personal Brand Assignment Essay
TAMUC and the College of Business have several resources that will help you with this assignment.
Step 1: To get started, you will take a brief online assessment called Personality Pathways, which helps you understand yourself as a product. This assessment is shortened version of the Myers-Briggs personality inventory that classifies individuals into one of sixteen personality profiles.  Personality Pathways Brand Assignment Essay


Profiles consist of 4 letters, such as ISFP or ENTJ.  Save these letters that describe you.  For more information on your profile, see Myers-Briggs Test Overview under Week 5.  When you find your profile, print it and circle the descriptions that you think fit you the best.
Step 2: Using the Myers-Briggs profile as a starting point, the next step is to fill in additional characteristics about yourself, including things you have learned (courses specific to your major, for example), skills you can do (learned from work, volunteering, internships, etc.), and work environments you know something about.
Below is a sample of the table you will include.  Tell me something about personality in the first box.  List courses or areas of knowledge that are relevant to your target job in the second column.  List things you know how to do (from jobs, internships or other experiences) in the third column.  This could include fluency in a second language, provable tasks you have accomplished, skills learned from campus activities, such as keeping books for a fraternity as treasurer or organizing a fund-raising activity for a club.  Finally, you might know something about how an industry works because you have a family business you grew up helping, or internship or summer jobs.  Even if you plan to work in a different business, knowledge of these industries can be helpful to potential … Personal Brand Assignment Essay

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