Personality Management

 In this assignment you are going to look at your personality type and discuss the implications it has for how you lead and manage people. Remember, this paper must have APA cover page, References page, introduction and summary or conclusion paragraph. This paper should be at least 5- 7 pages long not counting the cover page or the References page. Step 1. Go to this site and take the personality test – . Get your results Step 2. Read the theory behind this test and your profile to understand your characteristics and your strengths and weaknesses. Step 3. Briefly present you findings based upon this questionnaire. Step 4. Discuss the implications of your style for how you would lead and manage other people. What kind of leader do the results indicate that you might be? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader based upon the results of the questionnaire and what are the implications of having these strengths and weaknesses as a leader for the people you manage. What surprised you about your profile results and what confirmed what you already know about yourself? Does your profile resonate with you?

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