Persuasive Essay

This assignment requires you to draw upon the learning materials (podcasts, readings and activities) from the first module of this unit
(weeks 1-3), in order to articulate your understanding of language and literacy development as applied to the primary school context.
This understanding is foundational for your success in planning, teaching, and evaluating learning in English.
The purpose of this task is for you to work towards achieving the first learning outcome, which is to demonstrate and communicate an
understanding of concepts foundational to the teaching of English, including the development of language and literacy throughout the
primary years of schooling. In working towards this learning outcome, you will also engage in the analysis of pedagogical approaches in
teaching English, which is the second learning outcome for this unit.

Related learning outcomes:
This assignment will help you achieve the following learning outcomes:
demonstrate and communicate an understanding of teaching English, including language acquisition and literacy development
analyse pedagogical approaches in teaching and learning of English in the Primary classroom.

You are to write a 1500-word persuasive essay addressing the following:
What is the most relevant reading model* for addressing 21st century literacy demands? Illustrate your response with examples
of classroom practices consistent with this reading model.
* Please refer to Chapter 4 of the set text for this unit for definitions and descriptions of key reading models relevant to this topic. You
only need to argue for ONE model in your essay.
You will need to draw on resources from the weekly materials (podcasts, readings and activities) in weeks 1-3, and appropriate
scholarly literature that you have sourced independently from online education journals accessed through the Swinburne Library, to
inform your argument and illustrations of practice. Your essay is to be written in third person.
Your essay will need:
a clear introduction in which you introduce both the topic and the structure of your essay
a series of paragraphs making up the body of your essay in which you develop a persuasive argument for the particular model you
have selected. The body of the essay will also include examples of classroom practice. This series of paragraphs must build the

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