Peter Norman, Dock Ellis, or Kathrine Switzer

Specifics: The essay is to be maximum 1500 words (approx. 4/5 pages double-spaced, size 12-font Times New Roman). I expect 4 relevant academic references and 6-8 historical newspaper sources plus any other references as appropriate, alongside a clear introduction that sets out the basic structure of the answer, and a conclusion that follows the main body. Use APA style for your citations (sources/references do not count towards word count). Research a sporting icon (individual athlete or team) and answer the following questions: 1) Who were they (brief background info), what did they achieve in their sport, and with what overall impact on their sport at the time? 2) What impact did they have on wider society? i.e. In what ways did their achievements transcend the sporting context? a. Consider broader social, cultural, political and economic developments in history and what role the athlete/team had in them. Choice of Sporting Icon You can choose any athlete/team from 1980 or earlier – with the exception of the athletes included in Chapter 6: Stars and Heroes or the essays assigned for the short critical essay (including Terry Fox and Bobbie Rosenfeld). Generally, the further back in history you go to find your athlete, the more impressed I will be inevitably with your analysis. I suggest doing some preliminary research on a handful of different athletes/teams, and then choosing one – a simple Wikipedia search would probably suffice for that. You could even look on the Sports Hall of Fames online for ideas. My advice would be to choose an athlete/team that is not only really interesting but has also been subject to historical analysis; then you can use this research as part of your own investigation. Select an athlete/team that made an impact outside of their sport, perhaps in helping to affect change within a broader social movement (e.g. Jackie Robinson’s within the US Civil rights movement; Billie Jean King in the 1960s/70s feminist movement), or athletes who used sport to make significant political demonstrations (e.g. Arthur Ashe who joined the global movement against apartheid in South Africa; Muhammad Ali refusing to fight in Viet Nam). Consider Steve Prefontaine’s impact on the commodification of athletes, or Pele’s role in reinvigorating Brazilian national identity through soccer. What if Suzanne Lenglen never played tennis in the 1920s? How might the sport have been different, particularly the ways women played and dressed on court? Consider the impact that athlete had in affecting social, cultural, political or economic change in society. Note: Students are NOT allowed to choose a sporting icon from Chapter 6 in the course text or from assigned readings for the Short Critical Essay. Advice for students who want an ‘A’: Don’t just do research on the athlete/team in question!! You need to understand the historical period within which they were active, so engage with general historical literature alongside general sports history literature. Also, it is highly recommended that you commence your research with a literature search for academic sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles and books. Guaranteed, if you rely on internet sources or newspaper articles for your research, you won’t get an ‘A’. A+ 90–100 The sport icon paper is exceptionally clear, concise, and includes comprehensive content. It displays highly original insights, and high quality of writing (free of spelling and grammar errors, carefully referenced) and flows well (content and sentence structure is outstanding). Fully and succinctly summaries readings and clearly answers the question. The student demonstrates an outstanding ability to develop an independent and well-organized line of argument. Direct quotes are used minimally and appropriately – and when they are used, they are contextualized. Paraphrasing is consistent with the author’s meaning. The concluding question is thoughtful and reflects critical thinking. Title page and references are properly formatted.

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