PHIL Paper

For your term paper, you shall identify and itemize an argument presented in a work of popular media. This work of media may be from a novel, poem, song, newspaper, television show, movie, etc. In your paper, you shall identify the argument presented therein, and shall attempt to reconstruct it and then critique it by identifying whether it is deductive, inductive, or abductive. If inductive, is the argument strong or weak? If deductive, is it valid or sound? Is the argument fallacious is any way? In your paper, be sure to cite the source from which you acquired the argument of your critique. These papers are to be three pages in length in Times New Roman font, 12 point, double-spaced with one inch margins in Chicago-style format with footnote citations; if your paper is not formatted correctly, it will not be accepted due to failure to follow instructions. All submissions must submitted as Microsoft Word attachment (.doc or .docx are acceptable; .rtf, .pdf, .wpf, and other non-Word formats shall not be accepted) into the dropbox herein

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