Philosophy homework help

I would like you to write  most of this at a public place of some kind–just to break the habit of writing at the same place all the time.

I would suggest writing it at a Starbucks, a mall, maybe at a break room at work, on the metro….really anywhere.  A public library perhaps–one that you don’t normally visit. Philosophy homework help


Please observe the following:
1. Use a cover sheet using a title and image reflecting the thesis of the paper
2.  It should be 2-3 paragraphs–no more.
3. Begin this by saying something like, “As I sit in my neighborhood Starbucks in College Park, MD…
4.  Second, tell  us about yourself.  Where you grew up, what you are studying, what you want to study in the future.
5.  Then in either one or two paragraphs, tell us what you want to do with your life in the deep sense of the word.  What values do you wish to express, share, embody.
6.  Quote at least twice from our philosophy texts.
7. At the end of the text, add a few images from your life–things you see, people you know, pets that you care about, images from the media/TV/ film, perhaps YouTube clips of music you like.  Introduce this part of the paper by something like’  “Let me conclude by sharing a few songs that I have listened to for many years…”  or,  “here is a photo of my dog Rocky, with whom I have shared many good moments,”  or “here is where we went of vacation this year. It was a place that brought home how much xxxx means to me,”  or ‘here is a photo of where I wrote most of this paper.’ Philosophy homework help

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