Physics Homework Help

If you have already done this project in a previous physics course at Mountain View, then please do the following: Physics Homework Help
1. Participate in a different sustainable activity than last time.
2. In your project report, add a section (about 2 paragraphs) on clean energy sources. Clean energy sources (also called renewable or carbon-neutral energy sources) include hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, solar, waves, tides, biofuels, and hydrogen.

4. Complete the three indicators of climate change graphs. For temperature, please use January as the month. You may also compare plots for temperatures in January to those in July.


5. Add a paragraph in the “Discussion” section about how the lifetime of CO2 in the atmosphere can affect future generations. CO2 can last in our atmosphere for thousands of years, please see page 7 of the “Instructions in Detail” document for more information.
6. Complete the extra problems related the Quantitative section given below (sea level rise). Paste these extra problems to the remaining questions and answers in the quantitative section. Make sure you have answered all the questions in the quantitative section, since some questions may have changed, or new questions may have been added. Physics Homework Help
7. Complete all the other sections of the semester project as usual. You may reuse the parts you have already completed. See item 8 below for more information.
8. How to write the new report:
you can edit your previous project report to reflect the new things you learned from your research this semester. This means, you do not need to rewrite the entire project, you can edit the relevant parts of it to update your report. You can add additional in-text citations, and references as necessary. Also, please feel free to explore any additional topics you may have learned about and got interested in while working on your project this semester. Make sure you incorporate the instructor’s corrections and comments from your graded report from last semester. After you have done these things, your report will be a more informative, improved version of your previous report.

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