: Pman 635 multiple choice

7. Identify which of the following statements is true and which is false:

a. The primary purpose of project evaluation is to give feedback to senior management for decision

and control purposes.

b. The original criteria for selecting and funding a project are largely irrelevant for project evaluation.

c. The timing of an audit depends on the purpose of the audit.

d. It is best for the project manager and the project team to make the termination decision.

8. A project that cannot go over budget is considered (pick one):

a. Time constrained

b. Schedule constrained

c. Budget constrained

d. Performance constrained

9. A task has a normal duration of 9 days and crash duration (the minimum duration) of 7 days. Its

normal cost (total for 9 days) is $4000 and its crash cost is $10000 (total for 7 days). What is the

crash cost per day?

a. $14000

b. $7000

c. $5000

d. $4000

e. $3000

10. Identify which of the following statements is true and which is false:

a. The shortest time to complete a network is equal to the duration of the longest path through the


b. The actual project duration will be known with certainty when the project is completed.

c. The difference between EST and LFT is called slack.

d. The start to finish linkage is normally used in situations where it is desirable for two or more

activities to finish at the same time.

11. A task is expected to take 20 hours of labor at $25 per hour (direct cost). The required material

cost is $500. The organization adds a burden of 30% to all direct labor costs to account for

overhead. It does not add any burden on top of material costs. The total task cost is:

a. $500

b. $1,150

c. $1,250

d. $1,300

e. $1,500

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