Poets and Power: The Architecture Of Doom


                  The Architecture Of Doom described how Hitler connected his artistic frustration with political ambition through raising and acting on the idea of the ideological beauty so as to purify the world and humans’ soul. I think he utilized his crazy passion of art on politics of aesthetics, which meant the great violence during this long governing period. He once tried to sacrifice all degenerated factors (metal illness, Jews, gypsies, homosexuals) not only in art but also in politics to build a strong country in his mind.

          During Hitler’s domination, he declared a document about degenerate art (at 30:11), and he showed great offense towards the mentally ill and sick patients in German. Hitler tended to place the deformities’ photographs in exhibition for irony in public, as he also displayed what is true beauty and the ideal man for Germany in the gallery to confirm his willing for purifying this country.

          The documentary showed Nazis’ obsession with personal hygiene. It also recorded the list of the medical professions, and it illustrated that 45 percent of physicians were belonging to the Nazi Party (at 20:10), which means they played the role of the“sculptor of art and political body”who worked to achieve purity and extreme aesthetic for German. It was shocked that 70000 German mental patients were being carried out by their doctors. During that period of time, children who were disabled and mentally ill were expelled from German, and murder became common therapy for the national purity. We could detect that war and art were matters of racial health and purity. The physicians mainly worked for killing Jews (at 1:28:24), and they unethically checked whether the victims were absolutely dead with the toxic gas. Accordingly, they worked as the bizarre biological pioneers in Hitler’s absurd ideology. By using toxin for human bodies to pure their evil blood in his mind instead of messy and bloody shooting, Hitler wanted to create the new man who could be elevated to top rank. They sacrificed innocent lives for building up an ideal political and cultural system, and the Nazi system advocated to kick out deadly menace to German politic which pointed sharply at mental illness. The sexuality also played an important role in the description in Nazism. First of all, in the beginning, it mentioned that purity was crucial to Nazis, which was part of national socialism (at 01: 40). They believed the most important feature to be sexual defiled. It reflected that Nazi applied dramatic and abnormal aesthetic idea on the whole world.

         On the political side, The National Socialism was not common politics since the party was too dynamic to be defined. Hitler himself was a failed artist, and the main characters of this doom were doctors, architects, etc (at 1:50:00). They all crazily obsessed with beauty and purity in their mind, and Hitler known that it was important to build a powerful underlying ideology as a media to support the new party, which also helped him to gain the populace from public. Based on the mythology formed by Nazi, it gradually convinced German to be on the highest rank, which meant they also needed to grasp power of politics all around the world so as to recapture the glories in the past. That was why they applied ideology to politics to strengthen art and beliefs in a specific race.

         Furthermore, Hitler had strong artistic fixation on politics. For example, the “fantastic illusion of flight from reality” by Wagner dramatically attracted his attention(at 6:00). It gave him irresistible and inspiring, and he even based the future and blue print of German on cinema or other forms of artistic works. The document mentioned “The Eternal Jew” to show the degenerate and corrupt lifestyle of Jews in order to state that the Nazi’s goals to purify and kick out the vermin was just the act of self-defense, and it was worth supporting and joining.

         Consequently, Hitler used the bizarre aesthetic of art to beautify the world in his mind, whereas “he saw doom as art’s highest expression.” The whole world and value became his toy to create the horrible high art, and the sacrifice of human being’s lives acted as the stepping stone to achieve his cruel political goals. He channeled politics and art in extreme way to complete the evil plan, and the consequence of this doom was endless injury and repentance.

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