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There are six domains which are designed to assistance in the understanding of the social welfare policy analysis. The assignment is designed to guide students through the process of completing a policy analysis project step-by-step. Students who follow the instructions and will be able to produce a finished policy analysis paper by the end of the semester. Thus, late work will have 5 points taken away per day late (you need not submit it after the points have expired); this is not negotiable. The student is responsible for knowing the due dates of the assignments. Format: The assignments are designed to facilitate a professional APA writing style and should be typewritten, double spaced, and around 12-17 pages. Grading Criteria: The assignments will be graded on: following directions, the clarity of your work, relevance to social work / social sciences, evidence that the student has considered the utility and feasibility of the policy analysis, clear citations, and finally, papers being on turned in on time (should follow the rubric of this assignment). Due Dates for Assignments are listed in the syllabus and discussed in class. If unforeseen circumstances interfere with timely submission, please consult with the instructor. For the Policy Analysis Paper, select one of following topics (or policies) that you like: 1) Temporary Assistance to Needy Family (TANF) 2) Medicaid 3) Medicare 4) Food Stamps 5) Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 6) Unemployment Insurance 7) Childcare Assistance 8) Social Security (SS) 9) Worker’s Compensation 10) To select other policies regarding social welfare, please consult with instructor. Domain #1: Introduction-Problem Statement: 2-3 pages Each student chooses one topic. Address a social problem around this topic and utilize the journal articles/books to support your reason of why you should study it. The study’s 5 objectives should include policy making, policy implementation, & policy evaluation, since you will explain your topic based on policy process. Domain #2: Policy Making, 3-4 pages Explain the definition of the policy, objectives of the policy, history of the policy, and factors influencing policy making (e.g., mass media, interests groups, etc.). Domain #3: Policy Implementation, 3-4 pages Explain who conducted or are conducting the policy, who are the beneficiary of the policy, eligibility criteria of the policy or program, well conducting in Kansas?, etc

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