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Reflective Journal Assignment
External influences affect organizational readiness, moral, performance, and proficiency. These influences can be either positive or negative. As a Sergeants Major, you will have to aid your commander in preemptively identifying potential external influences and ways in which to mitigate negative outcomes. Likewise, Sergeants Majors must be able to think critically, and creatively, in order to exploit, and multiply potential positive external influences on their organizations.Political Science homework help


Assignment Instructions:
Throughout this module, you have examined external influences of an organization. Write a 500 – 700-word substantive journal entry identifying and addressing external influencers on the organization. Elaborate on a Sergeants Major’s role in:
1. Civil-military relations,
2. the influences of irregular warfare,
3. leader engagement aids in developing resilient organizations, and
4. exploiting either positive or negative external influences on an organization.
Proper APA sourcing and citing is required for referenced information that you obtain and events you were not personally party to. Do not write in first person. Adhere to APA standards, 6th edition.
Sources A (click link or google):
· American Civil-Military Relations: The Soldier and the State in a New Era, Chapter 11 (25 pages)
· Extracts from U.S. Constitution (see below)
Reflection Questions to Consider While Reading Sources A:
What are some of the major issues with the civil-military political activities occurring in our democracy?
What is the linkage between military professionalism and civilian control in civil military relations?
What is the Role of the senior noncommissioned officer in the civil-military relationship? Political Science homework help

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