POLS Y364: International Organization: Political & Security Aspect

Building on the argument and resources you discussed in your final paper proposal, complete a research paper of at least 10 double-spaced pages developing a causal argument about your focus theme. This argument can be a new one, or the further development of one of your response papers, but should be more detailed, empirically tested, and organized in standard research paper structure. You will be asked to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a particular perspective, identify several issues you find problematic, and then address these issues using your own authentic arguments, which you will back up with reliable sources. The main goal is to engage yourself in rigorous causal analysis, making the strongest possible argument regarding why and how you think a certain perspective is valid or not. You should, at minimum, identify potential indicators that could be used to assess your claim (e.g. future rise in GDP per capita) and look at cases that allow you to evaluate variations in your expected outcomes.

Your paper should identify the observable implications of your claims and what conditions should make the outcomes you identify more or less likely to occur.

The bare minimum requirements are as follows:

• 10 pages double-space (not including bibliography)

• Times New Roman (or comparable, e.g. Cambria) font

• Page numbers (!)

• Cite all sources when used in text – e.g. “(Simmons et al. 2006, 426)” – and include a bibliography. Make sure to cite at least 5 sources. Course readings can be counted, but at least two sources you cite should be new and reliable (i.e. not Wikipedia, noncredible news cites). 

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