Practice Model Comparison


Analyze models of intervention by choosing two models that would be relevant for use with their

client and comparing the role of the social worker, the perspective of the human condition, and the

approach for problem solving used in each model.

Models of intervention (choose two to analyze)

• The task­centered model

• The crisis intervention model

• The cognitive restructuring technique

• The solution­focused brief treatment model

• Case management practice

Reference Chapter 13: Planning and Implementing Change­Oriented Strategies­Hepworth, D.H.,

Rooney, R.H., Rooney, G., Strom­Gottfried, K. (2016). Direct Social work practice: Theory and skills

(10th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.

Reference one academic source for each model.

Be sure to compare the two models following the guidelines below:

1. The role of the social worker

2. The perspective of the human condition (i.e. “generally bad,” “just needs education,” “basically

good at heart, etc” The human condition piece refers to how that model looks at the client. So, for

example, in a cognitive restructuring model, the client would be viewed as someone who needs

education to learn new ways to think about things. In solution focused, there is an emphasis on

identifying strengths for developing solutions because people generally feel constrained by the social

construction of their problems.

3. How tasks for improving the client’s problems are assigned or completed.


• Role of the social worker: Analysis provides significant detail about the role of the social worker and

compares this role in two social work models/theories.

• Perspective of the human condition: Analysis provides significant detail in comparing the

perspective of the human condition from the lens of two different social work models/theories.

• Problem solving approach used: Analysis provides significant detail about how tasks for improving

the client’s problems are assigned and completed by comparing the problem­solving approach of two

social work models/theories.

• Professional communication: Written work is free from grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors

and uses correct APA citation style.

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