Prepare your presentation as though it was before the Board of Directors of the company.

1. Locate a publicly traded company which is presently experiencing financial difficulty. This could be a firm which is already in Chapter 11, experienced a major layoff, reported an unexpected quarterly loss, extended or consolidated or defaulted on debt, or has announced a restructuring plan. (We have already chosen Sears company, so you can just focus on doing research of this one)

2. Write a ten page double spaced paper (not including exhibits) on why the company is in the position it is and what recommendations you have to save the firm. I also want a copy of your paper on disk. Your analysis should include the “real” reasons why the company is distressed and not symptoms. As financial consultants, it will be your job to locate the true problem and provide financial solutions to bring the company back into solvency. Major topics should include: A brief background of the industry which the company operates, a background on the company and the management team, how the company got into trouble, and what financial recommendations you have to pull them out.

3. You have an enormous amount of material to use for this project. Annual Reports and 10Ks can be obtained by contacting the company’s Investor Services Department.

4. Prepare your presentation as though it was before the Board of Directors of the company. The class will be asking specific questions about your analysis, so be prepared. 5. Group participation by each member is critical to the success of the group. Therefore, each group member will evaluate each of the other members. I will provide each member with an evaluation form.

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