Presentations for BF 650 – Fall 2018 (Thailand: Currency Analysis Presentation)

Each group (2 students) will be assigned an emerging country with a floating currency. For each presentation, you need to include a reference section indicating your sources. Please upload your slides BEFORE each presentation and print a copy of your slides for me. Turnitin will be used and will generate an originality report. Country: Thailand Assignment due on Dec 4, 2018 (25% of presentation grade, ie 5% of final grade) Give a short presentation (10 minutes max.) on the currency regime of your country and explain exchange rates movements since Jan 2018. ● Currency regime of country (Thailand): is the currency pegged, free float, managed float etc.

● Exchange rate movements since Jan 2018 ● Intro – history of thai baht, who issues it and gives out ● Currency regime: How the country manages its currency, ○ Monetary policy- what kind of float is it? ○ WHat is their currency board ○ Exchange rate movements comparison chart to EURO, USD and YEN and show how it appreciate/depreciate ○ Compare how exchange rates changed in relation to interest rates which will show how effective their monetary policy is. ○ Explain exchange rate movement – how their economies are performing and how it’s performed in the past. ● Rules to be admitted to EUROZONE: can thailand be admitted to eurozone ○ Country debt/GDP <= 60% ○ Budget deficit <= 3% ○ Inflation targets Final presentation on Dec 18,2018 (75% of presentation grade) I expect 10 slides minimum and a 15 minutes presentation on the following sections: 1) Analysis of country risk 2) Analysis of the balance of payments for the two most recent years (2016-2017). You need to cover the Current account as well as the Capital/Financial account. 3) Monetary policy and link with currency movements 4) Stock and bond markets

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