Presenting Recommendations Paper

Presenting Recommendations Paper
This assignment is designed to get you to think more deeply about Part 3 of how you might solve the overall management challenge and why your chosen approach could be the “best way.”  Your goal in A1 (Part 1) was to analyse what the FFCRC does as an R&D organisation, and the goal of A2 (Part 2) was to analyse a particular energy product created by Engie Energy Resources (listed below).  In A3 (Part 3), you will bring what you have learned in A1 and A2 together to design a business model / roadmap for FFCRC to present to Engie Energy Resources about how they could work together to commercialise that product for three business sectors.
Overall management challenge: The FFCRC, as an R&D organization, helps energy businesses design solutions to technical & management problems.  In this instance, the FFCRC is trying to help Engie Energy Resources design a business plan (roadmap) to commercialise the technical products they have created at the REIDS-SPORE Demonstration project. Presenting Recommendations Paper.

Requirements for the assignment:

Your group will be required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant theory and application of that theory in a way that creates a business report that the partner organization can act upon. You will also be required to create and present a 6-minute video of your findings.


The group report:

  • Negotiate with your group members to reach a common understanding of the management challenge. Re-state the problem in the context of your chosen management perspective as a research question.
    • You may have to do some research on ‘how best to formulate a research question.’
  • Write a report justifying why your research approach to solving the management challenges should be adopted.
  • This assignment is about taking the learning experiences from the 1st and 2nd assignments and developing a focused set of practical recommendations for the PO.
  • It is required to make consistent arguments from an environmental analysis and organizational design/process as well as suggestions of action plan/implementation.
  •  Subsequently, there should not be much overlap from previous assignments in getting your group members’ ideas together and in consolidating persuasive arguments.
  • Here, while not losing sight of the interconnected nature of managerial issues, you should pick a specific area to focus on (e.g. environment (competitors?) HRM (training?) ethics? (etc) that is relevant in offering solutions to management challenges. Presenting Recommendations Paper.
  • Depending on your focus, you may wish to continue to conduct both external and/or internal environment research involving critically analyzing and synthesizing business information.
    • Your analysis should be broad but more importantly deep for your focus area. Once you have collected the information, you have to critically analyze it.
  • Make recommendations to management about how to solve the management challenges that have a rigorous, contemporary theoretical, and empirical basis.
    • Conclusions and recommendations are to be supported by evidence.
    • Recommendations must include a practical implementation plan
    • Recommendations should also identify risks associated with the adoption
    • Recommendations must also include an evaluation plan for your solution.
  • Use a business report format. Presenting Recommendations Paper.

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