The Assignment is a Design/Feasibility Project associated with intensification of a process or group of unit operations within a plant or a process that would have to be intensive to have a practical outcome.



1. Opportunities to invest in compact heat exchangers and intensified heat transfer in an industrial chiller



A greater or lesser amount of imagination may be required depending on the process chosen.   You will be judged on the demonstration of your abilities to be creative, critically review the options and final process, assess risks and justify, discuss and recommend the eventual best (or possibly least worst) option.



The Project will involve a number of stages:


A literature review of the current or potential process(es).

Identification of PI opportunities, via literature/module data/discussion

Preliminary assessment of the unit operations to be intensified (opportunities to combine unit operations should be considered, if viable)

Estimated sizing/rating of the intensified units.

Draft the design/feasibility report

Prepare presentation (to be provisionally given in Week 11 or 12)

Presentation (PowerPoint) Week 11 or 12 – 20% of the Assignment mark

Fine-tune report

Submit report (end of Week 11) – 80% of the assignment mark).


These are intentionally the skills and stages you will employ in design and research projects in Master’s level courses and as real professional engineers.



The presentation will be judged by a small panel of academic.  There will also be a in-group peer review on leadership and cooperation. Details later.



The Report should contain the following (approximate lengths, including diagrams etc.  given):


Cover page  (1 page)

Summary  (1/2 page)

Contents list (1 page)

Introduction  (2-3 pages)

Description of the current process/plant or the new technology required (3-4 pages)

Discussion of PI opportunities (including reasons for selecting some and rejecting others)  (3-4 pages)

Description of the intensified process/plant – a flow diagram will assist. (4-6 pages)

Discussion (benefits/risks etc)  (2-3 pages)

Conclusions (1/2 – 1 page)

References (Depends how many you use)

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