Program Evaluation Plan Introduction

Assignment Overview For this assignment, you will draft the first component of your course project, the introduction to your proposed program evaluation plan for the adult education program you selected in the second study in Unit 1.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria: •Formulate assessment and evaluation strategies into a program evaluation plan for adult education to promote continuous quality improvement. ◦Define the purpose of a program evaluation plan. ◦Justify purposes of program evaluation for continuous quality improvement. ◦Articulate the importance of stakeholders in successful evaluation efforts. •Apply the program evaluation standards of the JCSEE to program evaluation. ◦Apply the requirements of professional and organizational standards to program evaluation. •Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the education profession. Assignment Description Using a writing style and terminology appropriate for a professional program evaluation plan, write an introduction to the evaluation plan for your selected program. Please note that this component of the plan should be presented in only 3–4 pages, so an appropriate writing style is one that is concise, specific, and focused. Keep your specific audience in mind as you construct these components. Provide validation of claims and assertions by including and citing relevant examples and supporting evidence from the assigned readings. For this component of your Evaluation Plan, complete the following sections in the following order, using appropriate headings (see Submission Requirements below): •Write a brief description of the program to be evaluated, stating information that will be needed by the person(s) for whom you are preparing your proposed evaluation plan. •Explain the purpose of the evaluation, justifying how it is expected to lead to continuous quality improvement. •Provide an overview of the proposed assessment and evaluation strategies to be used for the program evaluation plan. •Describe the stakeholders and their role in successful evaluation efforts. •Explain how ethical standards will be upheld in accordance with the JCSEE program evaluation standards and the American Evaluation Association’s guiding principles for evaluators.

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