Progress Monitoring/Professional Learning Communities. (1) Page.

  PLEASE DO NOT RUSH THROUGH THIS ASSIGNMENT AND WRITE REPETITIVE SENTENCES.  PLEASE USE CORRECT SIMPLE GRAMMER. USE LINKS BELOW TO ASSIST. YOUR SHOULD MENTION SOMETHING ABOUT STUDENTS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES OR SPECIAL EDUCATION. 2-3 REFERENCES. I  STARTED  THE ASSIGNMENT BELOW.  YOU MAY DISCARD, IF NEEDED.  THANKS! What are ways that you can communicate and collaborate with other professionals to support students’ individual needs? For example, teachers are busy and it is difficult to find a common time to meet or find a way to share lesson plans (GOOGLE DOCS) with the special education teacher enough in advance that he/she can assist with differentiating the learning materials and resources in time for your lesson, etc. Identify the real and/or possible challenges and ideas for addressing those challenges in order to collaborate with others to support student learning.                             Professional Development/Learning Communities. Professional development is the most effective strategy schools and school districts have to meet this expectation. Professional development is the strategy schools and school districts use to ensure that educators continue to strengthen their practice throughout their career.   Links to websites that we used in class.  

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