Project Management Assignment: Project Procurement Case Study Analysis.

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Word Limit: 1800 – 2000 (excluding Executive Summary, References, Appendix, figures, tables)
Prepare a report that contains analysis on Case Study titled: ‘Boeing Australia Limited: Assessing the Merits of Implementing a Sopshisticated e-Procurement System’.
The case is attached in this email. There are 15 pages of it.
Report must contain structure as follows:
• Executive Summary.
• Introduction.
In this section, you must describe background of the case.
• Body of Report.
This section will be the main content of the report where you describe your comprehensive analysis on the case. Please analyse the case by answering four of the questions below:
1. What are the limitation of Boeing Australia Limited’s current procurement processes?
2. How can you effectively manage customers, suppliers, and the internal organisation using e-procurement strategies?
3. What issues, in relation to procurement, need to be considered when trying to upgrade a company’s technology platform?
4. Is the size of a company an important issue when considering an e-procurement strategy?
*Important instructions for writing the Body of Report:
– All four questions must be analysed by referring to the case given as it meant to relate or analyze
the Case Study : ‘Boeing Australia Limited: Assessing the Merits of Implementing a
Sopshisticated e-Procurement System’.
– All analysis done on the case must be supported and validated with relevant theory or model
(acquired from urnals, books, other cademic sources etc.). It must not only be your own
opinion without any validation on it.
• Conclusion.
• References list.
• Appendix (if any).
Other important instructions and rules for writing the report:
• Word limit for report:
Minimal : 1800 words.
Maximal : 2000 words.
* This word limit excluding Executive Summary, References, Appendix, figures, tables).
• Submit in form of Microsoft Word Document.
• Report must not be written in first person (I, we, us, my, mine, ours) or second person (you, yours) style.
• All references must be using Harvard Style referencing with in-text citation and also references list at the last page of the report.
• Must be plagiarism free as it will be submitted and checked through Turnitin Plagiarism Checker.
• Analysis done on the case study have to be supported using relevant theories and models and referenced properly.
• All four questions given above in the Body of Report section must be answered for analysis on the case study given.

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