Project Management business plan

When allocating duties, you can use any person’s name

8. Product Breakdown Structure & Organization

a. Demonstrate the project management team structure using an organogram.
b. Describe the various roles and identify responsibilities associated with each role. Also specify team members assigned to each role, outlining their key attributes which indicate their capacity and ability to perform roles and responsibilities assigned to them.
c. Outline the Project Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)
d. Develop a comprehensive project plan addressing the following Plan description:
• Plan prerequisites – Any fundamental aspects that must be in place and remain in place for the plan to succeed
• External dependencies – External factors that may influence the plan
• Planning assumptions – Assumptions upon which the plan is developed
• Lessons incorporated – Details of any lessons from previous similar projects which have been reviewed and accommodated within this plan
• Monitoring and control – Details of how the plan will be monitored and controlled
• Budgets – Covering time and cost, including provisions for risks and changes
• Tolerances – Time, cost and scope tolerances
• Product descriptions – Covering products within the scope of the plan
• Schedule – Which may be graphical representations of
a. Gantt or bar chart
b. Activity network

 book Hinde, D, 2012 PRINCE2 study guide, John Wiley & Sons Ltd

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