Project Quality Management Framework

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Project Quality Management Assignment 2
Assignment 2 – Project Quality Management Framework
• Value: 40% of unit mark

Assignment Aims
This is a practical assignment and is intended to help you:
• Consolidate your understanding of quality and quality management processes.
• Identify and review the performance of some of the processes within your own work organisation/daily life.
• Understand how implementation of an effective quality management framework enables you to meet the real needs of the projects you are involved in.
• Gain some basic skills in creating quality-related artefacts including a quality management framework and associated instructions, suitable communication conduits, as well as documents proving effectiveness of your framework.
Assignment Detail and Marking Structure
Submit a written assignment in response to the following:
Define quality in a reflective manner using the knowledge you have acquired by taking this unit. Your definition must be backed with a one page blurb explaining the rationales behind your perspective toward quality. This part is completed by developing a model to visualise your viewpoint about what quality means.
In the second section, you are required to develop a Project Quality Management Framework. Of course, not only you must thoroughly elaborate your framework but also a graphic representation of your framework must be included to facilitate understanding of your proposed framework. It goes without saying that detailed instruction must be provided to enable someone with basic management knowledge to precisely adopt your framework.

Project Quality Management Assignment 2

3.In the third part of assignment you are asked to evaluate your framework. This is done by deploying your framework to assure/improve the quality of a project you define by yourself. If you are currently working full-time (or part-time) in your discipline area, this assignment is intended to relate to your current work organisation. If you are a full-time student, you can base your assignment on the last organisation for which you worked in your discipline area, or, alternatively, you can use an organisation for which you might currently do part-time work, including sporting clubs or voluntary groups. To be able to deliver the assignment within the limited timeframe you need to be careful about the scope of the project you select. As explained, your target project can be part of a bigger project you are already engaged with in your job. However, students are allowed but not recommended to define a project based on their daily life. In other words, the essence of the project will not negatively impact your mark as long as your defined project is sufficient as a testbed to validate your framework. Please consider that it’s important what definition you follow to define a project. Indeed, to document the improvement you need to record the quality of the outcome without any management intervention and use the results to benchmark the impact of deploying your project quality management framework.

4.Professional presentation
Total Marks
Assignment Layout
The first page of your assignment must be a contents page – page numbers must be included for all entries.
Use the following throughout your assignment (though you can vary the margins, font and size and line spacing where appropriate for information included in appendices):
• 2.5cm margins on all four sides
• Calibri font – size 11
• Line spacing of 1.5 lines
• Number all pages in the footer on the right
• Include your name and student number in the footer on the left
• Differentiate headings by using bold font – do not use underline DEPARTMENT OF CONTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 2

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