Project Reporting Style

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Project part 1 � (Report Style)

Carry out a safety inspection at your own workplace (if not possible, then at a workplace where you can negotiate an access for the purpose of this exercise, such as a petrol station, a retail store or similar).
i) Identify the widest possible range of occupational hazards.
ii) For each occupational hazard identified by you, assess whether the current control strategies in place are adequate and satisfactory.
iii) If not satisfactory, propose improved control strategies for each such hazard.
Word limit: 2000 words

Project part 2 � (Report Style):
i) List and define the basic principal steps of risk management:
? briefly discuss the rationale to each of the steps; and outline advantages and disadvantages if any that each of the principal steps offers an organisation. This is best done by using an example of an organisational loss to demonstrate that had the principal step been applied it would have reduced or eliminated the loss. This must be done to each of the principles and supported by a reference.

NOTE: Attempt to use an example that itself demonstrates that the loss occurred because of the failure to apply the principle that you are discussing.

ii) Make 5 key strategic risk management recommendations to your CEO that would assist in the reduction or elimination of organisational loss. Clearly demonstrate by the use of an example {use the same examples from (i) above} how you would implement each of your recommendations into the organisational framework and how you would measure their effectiveness and success. You must justify your implementation and measurement strategies with supporting references.

Word limit: 2125 words maximum.
The following resources will assist:
� Unit text
� Occupational Safety & Health Legislation
� Internet addresses provided and Australian Standards

Marking criteria
References and research
Your understanding of the Risk Management principles
The application of the principles demonstrating their advantages to the organisation by use of examples
The practicality of your recommendations, implementation and measurement strategies through the use of an example
Justification and supporting references for your recommendations
Assignment flow and readability

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