Promoting Individual Health

Develop a plan to promote individual health and wellness supported by appropriate theoretical perspectives from the scenario.

The client would like the focus to be on Molly in the scenario as they are studying Adult Nursing.

Your introduction needs to answer the following questions:
1. What? Give a brief outline of what the plan is about. This is what is given in the assignment brief above.
2. How? Give a brief guide of the structure of the plan, that is, a brief chronological outline of the plan. You need to refer to the detailed guidance given below.
3. Why? Briefly give a rationale for your plan. In other words explain why promoting the health of the chosen individual is important. This could be relate to module learning outcomes; personal development plans; policy; research etc. In other words, define 1) health and 2) health promotion, stating why health promotion is important.

1. Identify an individual who can benefit from health promotion from your field of practice. Give a clear outline of the individual, focussing on the health needs that necessitate the need for health promotion.
2. Identify and discuss the bio-psychosocial factors that contribute to the health and wellbeing of the individual.
3. Clearly outline the activities that need to be undertaken in order to promote the health of the individual [you could include a detailed plan in an appendix]. You need to justify or give reasons for each of the actions that need to be undertaken.
4. Identify, discuss and evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches and strategies that can be utilised to promote the health of the individual.

1. Summary of key learning points identified within the plan.
2. Recommendations as to what needs to happen next be e.g. learning / development needs; policy or research etc.

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