Prompt: Analyzing the Rhetoric in Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus Essay

1: Rhetorical Analysis of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus *5-7 pages; 12 point font; Times New Roman; 1” margins; double-spaced Good argumentative writing requires solid rhetoric, which is the result of careful decisions about word choice, sentence craft, paragraph construction, audience, voice, context, and style. As we’ve been observing, rhetorical situations are comprised of several facets: exigency, rhetors, audience, and constraints. Good rhetoric also employs a proper mixture of ethos (reputation), pathos (emotion) and logos (logic). Douglas Rushkoff’s book Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus is an argumentative exploration of wealth distribution, class, and technology. Your Task: You have been developing your own definition of effective rhetoric. You will now be using that definition to examine and judge Rushkoff’s Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. You are asked to apply your critical reading skills and perception as to what good rhetoric is, to Douglas Rushkoff’s Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. In your opinion, how good is the rhetoric in Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus? The first part of this essay asks that you define for yourself what you consider to be persuasive rhetoric. Remember, everyone’s perception of what comprises good rhetoric is going to differ so don’t worry if your version is different than those of others. We are primarily concerned with your view of good rhetoric in this essay. What makes an argument effective for you? Why? How well does Rushkoff meet your standard of solid rhetoric? You must support your claims with textual evidence from the book. It may also be helpful to declare what you believe Rushkoff’s goal was in writing his book; that way you can declare how effectively he reached his goal. Once you have established what you consider to be solid rhetoric, explain how well(or not well) Rushkoff makes his main points. In may also be helpful to analyze the “rhetorical situation” of the book within Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. That is, analyze the constituents—exigency, rhetors, audience, constraints—involved in the books’ rhetoric. What is Rushkoff’s motivation for presenting his argument? Who is Rushkoff’s audience? What methods/rhetors does Rushkoff assemble, to carry out this argument? What constraints are Rushkoff faced with in creating his argument? And, how effectively does Rushkoff utilize Aristotle’s appeals: logos, pathos, and ethos when attending to the rhetorical constituents? The evidence you provide must use properly cited quotes from the book. Along with using quotes, you must demonstrate an understanding of the quotes you are using. Along with Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, you are welcome to use any readings we’ve used in class to help support your claims. You’re also welcome to use outside readings for these claims as well. Your success on this essay will rely on your ability to make substantiated claims about the rhetoric in Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus with regards to the definition of good rhetoric that you laid out. You must demonstrate an understanding of the reading along with an ability to formulate your own takes on the book’s efficiency in delivering an argument.

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