Proposal Report

Maximum length: 8 pages

Format: A Report


You will submit a report typed in Times New Roman font 12, or another font of equivalent size, single-spaced with adequate margins for your tutor’s comments (e.g. 3cm). See the subject website for ‘Report Writing’, a short guide to writing reports, which details the required structure for the report.


Discussion Topic:


The Cilantro Grill is a South American restaurant in the Inner West of Sydney.  Jane Dascalu is the owner of the restaurant.  She has a Restaurant Manager, Robert and a Head Chef, Tony who run the restaurant for her, as well as 20 or so waiters, chefs, bartenders, etc.

The restaurant seat 200 people and is very busy most nights of the week, especially Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Bookings can be made over the phone four weeks in advance. 


Currently the restaurant has one computer with which all bookings are recorded and managed, payroll is processed, menus are written and printed from.

Orders are taken by hand on pads with carbon paper. One copy goes to the kitchen; the other is held by the waiter and finally given to the patron as their bill at the end of the night.

Inventory is ordered by the Head chef who checks the stock visually and records on a note pad at the end of each day the items they are low on.  He makes the orders using text messages or phone calls.

Jane would like to automate the restaurant.  She would like customer orders electronically sent to the kitchen and bills automatically calculated and printed out.  She would also like customer orders to be linked with the ordering and inventory of stock so she can track wastage/inconsistencies and streamline the ordering process.

She would like to be able to attribute a cost to each dish based on labour, ingredients and overheads.




Jane is also interested in developing a mobile app to offer exclusive deals from time to time to her customers who are willing to download the app. Customers would be able to see the menu on their mobile device and use the app to make reservations. With the introduction of an app, Jane is confident that this feature would increase her income between 10-20 per cent.


Jane would also like to generate monthly, half-yearly and annual Financial Report.
Ideally, Jane wants the new system to provide all necessary information to run the Restaurant and increase the income by 20 per cent at the end of 2017 financial year.


Jane is planning on expanding to a second and possibly third restaurant in the next year and would like to roll out the system to all three, enabling her to integrate the three restaurants financial management.




You are asked to prepare and submit a report for the proposed system and submit it to Jane Dascalu for consideration.




Outline the objectives of the project and define the problem (Steps 1 &2 of Design Thinking Methodology).


Identify the stakeholders (Rich picture).


Finalise the requirements for the change using Waterfall steps namely, Planning, Analysis and Design phases (Record your interactions)


Prepare a System Request Form


Expected project costs and financial requirements based on an assumed timeframe (Budget in an Excel Spread sheet)


What competitive advantage might be gained in developing the new information system?


What are the possible effects for this Business if its information system project fails?




Note:  Where you are unable to provide information, identify questions you would need to ask to be able to resolve those issues.








Marking Guidelines


Objectives and Definition of the problem 


Requirements using Waterfall method 


System Request Preparation 




Competitive advantage


Possible effects – 

Presentation, structure, clarity  – 

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