A mid-40’s heterosexual middle class white couple have come to you because the husband, John, was caught cheating on his wife with her 26 year old sister. The wife, Mary, has had an on and off again relationship with her sister as she felt her parents always babied her little sister. The couples has been married 20 years and have 3 teenage kids who live in the house. The children do not know about the relationship problems or dad’s infidelity. The parents want to keep it that way. The husband states his wife does not give him sex and that is why he cheated with her sister. The wife agrees they don’t have much sex but says it is because he is never home and does not pay her attention. The husband blames his wife by stating that he works a lot because he has to take care of the family and his wife does not dress sexy for him anymore and she is no longer in shape. The couple wants to save the relationship but consistent arguing and fighting is increasingly making the couple feel that maybe there is nothing they can do to save the relationship. How would you help Mary and John save their marriage? REMEMBER YOU ANSWERS HAVE TO BE EVIDENCED-BASED!!! They means citing your facts! Page 1: What does the research say about these relationships (All cited) Page 2: What would you do based on the research? Must include a title page and reference page. Double spaced, one inch margin

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