Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help





Last week we focused on the topics of social psychology, stress, relationships, motivation, etc. After learning about these subjects did the perspective you have about stress change at all? If so, how?
Spot check – Psychological Disorders

Define psychological disorder and discuss the consequences for those with a psychological disorder. How does this also affect those surrounding that individual?
Spot Check – Stigmas – Help with this week’s assignment! Optional, but helpful!

In this week’s assignment, you will be asked to also identify the different kinds of stigmas that one would face when diagnosed with a mental health disorder. What is a stigma? Would these stigmas differ depending on when the person was diagnosed? Do children face different stigmas than adults? Do parents of children who have a diagnosis face stigmas? How can friends, family, and professionals help a family to cope with the stigmas that individuals and families may face?


Stigmas surrounding families – Optional
We tend to know (as we enter adulthood) how society perceives and functions around adults who suffer from psychological disorders. However, what are some of the stigmas surrounding children, families, and parents of children who suffer from psychological or developmental disorders? Do you feel that acceptance and supportive services is getting any better or worse for this demographic of individuals? Why? What can be done to help support families with children in particular who have psychological disorders?
Society benefits from inclusions, too! – Optional

Years ago, children with behavioral or developmental abnormalities were sadly institutionalized if families were unable to support the child in adapting to societal expectations. How have our communities and the education system in particular changed over the past several decades to help these individuals adapt and be a part of society? How has this benefited those individuals, the families, as well as society as a whole?
Technology and human behavior – Optional

Think about the prevalence of social media and technology’s effect on the availability of information/communication. How might this affect the types of behaviors that we see from people? Think about the role of technology in any of the many concepts that Chapter 12 discusses in Social Psychology (like group-think, the bystander effect, mere-exposure effect, deindividuation, etc.). How has technology affected how and the frequency that we see any of these concepts in action? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!Psychology homework help
Marketing uses Psychology! – Optional
As I mentioned in week 1 of class, Psychology is all around us! It is even in the magazine and TV commercials we see, as well as those pesky advertisements that pop up on Facebook. What is the difference between explicit and implicit attitudes (hint: check page 432 of our text)? How does the media and marketing use these concepts to sell their products? What is an example of an advertisement you have seen that illustrates this, and how does it appeal to our either explicit or implicit attitudes to sell the product?

The Stigma of Asking for Help – Optional

Oftentimes, people hesitate to get help when they are struggling with their mental health. People often feel as though they will be looked down upon if they are coping with an issue related to their overall wellness (when it is not related to physical issues). They may be embarrassed or scared of what people will think of them if they do ask for help.
Why do you think this stigma exists? What can communities do to overcome this stigma? How can we help the people we are close to get help if they need it?
Group Therapy – Optional

Group therapy is often used in counseling centers, especially community mental health centers. It is a way to see a lot of different kids or adults at one time who are working through similar issues. What are the pros and cons of group therapy? Can the therapist really make progress with individuals in a group setting?
Current Issues – Optional
Group therapy is often used in counseling centers, especially community mental health centers. It is a way to see a lot of different kids or adults at one time who are working through similar issues. What are the pros and cons of group therapy? Can the therapist really make progress with individuals in a group setting?Psychology homework help
Suicide Prevention and Awareness – Optional
It seems as though we have lost numerous celebrities and public figures to suicide. It is easy to negate feelings of depression in instances like this because from our perspective, they have so much going for them. We see the fame, money, popularity, etc., and often struggle to understand why someone in their shoes would take their own life. The aftermath usually includes friends and family stating that they didn’t really know that anything was going on; maybe the person was a bit withdrawn, or busy, or maybe they started using drugs again that they had previously given up, or maybe they were on drugs and this was simply a part of their norm in that part of their life.
A suicide attempt is an act of hopelessness. The person feels as though the people around them may be better off without them, or they feel that they simply cannot get out of the situation that they are in.
What are some key signs that one could look for in their friends to try and prevent suicide? How open are you and your friends and family, when it comes to feelings of depression? Why is it important to talk about these things?




Psychology homework help

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