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Conduct an interview of an adolescent.  You can start your interview by asking the questions listed.  Just like with your observation, after you have written down the adolescent’s responses, indicate whether their responses are consistent with the theories of Piaget, Erikson, and Freud.  You can access the interview assignment by clicking on the link below.
Through an interview you are to write a report on the information obtained from a youth 11-18 years.  The intent of this interview is to gather the youth’s perspective of the educational process.  You will have to obtain written permission from the youth’s parent in order to conduct the interview and write the report.  A blank consent form has been provided for your use. Psychology homework help.  Submitting this form is a requirement.  See Attachment D for the blank consent.  You are to use the form to obtain written consent prior to conducting your interview.  Place this signed consent form in an envelope, seal the envelope, and submit it with your interview.  You are only to report on your interview.  See Attachment E for the rubric that will be used to evaluate your report.


Format:  Your report must be typed, double spaced and at least 3-to 4 pages in length (title pages do not count as a page).  Failing to meet the minimum requirements for length will reduce your score by 3 points.  IN addition, you will gain or lose a maximum of 9 points for mechanics (spelling punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, form, appearance).  You are to have 1-inch margins on all sides.  You must use a 12-pitch font.  You must include the following sections:

  1. Introduction:  This section will describe why you chose to interview this particular age.  It will include something other than “because this was the only group available.”


  1. Background:  specify the age of the adolescent, the gender, grade, type of school (public, private, or home schooling) and the setting where the interview took place.


  1. Interview:  Describe the adolescent’s responses to the questions asked and any accompanying behavior you observed.  The kinds of questions you might ask are things related to the following:
  1. Relationship with peers
  2. Attitudes toward school and teachers
  3. Favorite subject or subjects tell why/least favorite subject, tell why. Psychology homework help.
  4. Have you ever been a peer tutor? If yes, what was it like?
  5. Have you ever been tutored by a peer. If yes, what was it like?
  6. Would you like to be a peer tutor?
  7. Plans for college or future career
  8. Thoughts about grades in school
  9. Feeling about testing in school
  10. Thoughts about violence in schools, teenage parents.
  11. Thoughts about justice, freedom, equality, discrimination, etc.
  12. Thoughts about male and female relationships.


  1. Conclusion:  State how the responses were either consistent or inconsistent with the age-level characteristics presented in the text for the age group that you interviewed.  Be sure to address all aspects of the child’s development (physical, cognitive, social, and emotional).  You must make at least two references for each developmental aspect.  You must include two specific references to the stage of Piaget’s cognitive development and Erikson’s stage of social emotional development, etc.  In formulating your conclusion, you must use the specific terminology presented in the text.  For instance, if the child demonstrated adolescent egocentrism by focusing on what others think about him/her.  Your conclusions must be based on information you obtained through the interview. Psychology homework help.


Human Growth and Development
PSY 210
Attachment D
I________________________am a student at Wallace Community College Selma, and I am taking a Developmental Psychology Course.  As part of the course requirements I must interview an adolescent who is over 10 years of age and write a report of my interview.  I am requesting your permission to interview your child________________________ and report the results of my interview.
My interview will be unobtrusive, as I will interview your child in a natural setting (home, mall, library, etc).  I will not interfere in the child’s activities in any way, nor will I require any action on your part.  The interview will last for approximately 30 minutes, and it will be a one-time interview.
My interview and report will be held in strictest confidence.  I will neither reveal the name of you nor your child to anyone else.  My instructor however, will read my report.  The report will be secured in a locked file at the end of this semester, and it will be destroyed at the end of one year. Psychology homework help.
If at any point you wish to end my interview, feel free to do so.

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