Psychology homework help

Using the definitions above, write some research questions that pertain to your research study proposal.

How does family support impact one experiencing psychosis while incarcerated?

Imagine you are creating a questionnaire and these are questions you would ask your subjects. If you have trouble shaping the questions to your proposal, then just write a question that fulfills that level of measurement.

  1. Write one question that seeks an answer at the nominal level of measurement.  Provide the response categories.
  2. Write one question that seeks an answer at the ordinal level of measurement. Write the response categories.
  3. Write one question that seeks an answer at the interval level of measurement. Explain what scale you will use.
  4. Write one question that seeks an answer at the ratio level of measurement. Psychology homework help


  5. Write 3 other questions.  Specify the level of measurement of each answer.

This week’s discussion board will focus on data. Data can be measured at different levels:

  • NOMINAL level of measurement is categorical data that cannot be ranked in any way.  Examples:  countries of origin, party affiliation.
  • An ORDINAL level of measurement is categorical data that can be ranked in some way.  Example:  child, teen, adult
  • An INTERVAL level of measurement includes numerical data that has no true zero.  Example:  temperature or “on a scale of 1 to 10….”
  • RATIO level of measure includes numerical data that has a true zero and can be used to measure the distance from one item to the next.  Example:  items that use time or weight Psychology homework help

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