Psychopharmacology Term Paper PSYU 533 In this final assignment, you are required to prepare an 8 to 10 page term paper about medications that can be prescribed for a specific mental illness. For this assignment, choose one specific mental health disorder that is treated with both psychotropic medications and psychotherapy. Then you will research a minimum of five medications that may be prescribed for that disorder. Finally, you will discuss the challenges that therapists face when working with clients who are on medication. This assignment will have three main sections: 1. Introduction of disorder 2. Five medications commonly used to treat the disorder you selected (including research about the efficacy of the medications) 3. Role of therapist The paper should include the following: 1. Title page in APA format 2. Abstract 3. Section 1 – description of mental illness 4. Section 2 – Research and efficacy of medications 5. Section 3 – Role of therapist Title Page  The title page must be in 6th edition APA format.  The title page must have a running head and page number. Abstract  An abstract provides a summary of what is included in the paper.  The abstract should be between 150 and 250 words.  Information that is not in the paper should not be included in the abstract. Section 1: Introduction  The introduction should provide a description of the mental illness being addressed.  You should use the DSM-5 as a citation and should describe all of the symptoms of the disorder.  In this section, you should use a minimum of one reference/citation.  The introduction should be a minimum of one page. Section 2: Research and Efficacy of Medications  A short description of five medications commonly and clearly used to treat the illness you chose should be included. Be sure to provide citations.  For each medication you should discuss the following:

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