Quality Paper: Models that exist for quality improvement in health care, particularly at the organizational level.

Quality is an area that most healthcare personnel are looking at in every aspect of their job and organization. There are many different models and approaches to measuring and creating a culture of improvement. Choose one aspect of the quality material you have read in the textbook or read in the module or have researched for use for your paper. This is covered in Chapter 7 of the textbook. For this paper, consider what models that exist for quality improvement in health care, particularly at the organizational level. Pick one and provide information on what evidence is available related to the usefulness, effectiveness, and potential application in a healthcare organization. Either draw solely from the research or from a combination of personal experience and research. Reminder: This is a research paper and as such requires that you identify and use additional resources to expand your knowledge on this one of areas of quality. The paper requires APA 6th ed application and includes a title page, abstract and reference page. You need at least 5 references. Please use at least three peer-reviewed resources (professional academic journals) in addition to the textbook. Use material that dated 2007 or later. The paper is to be minimum of 5 pages of text. Please note: A writing assessment rubric will be used when assessing papers. This is included in the reference tools. Please note that when submitting a paper, you are responsible for utilizing the tools introduced in the Writing Reference Tools section on the left. There are good resources available for writing support online and in person. There is an APA guide, OWL on-line, and the grading rubric.

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