Rapid Literature review on body image,dairy intake and bone health of Australian female between 20-29

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Nutrition Paper
Background (200 words)?context of the review (the relationship between bone health and dairy intake in all female age groups) statement of the problem (bone health and dairy intake for women in 20-29, usually about peak bone mass), where relevant current state of knowledge and its limitation and how the rapid review will fill these knowledge gaps (Do women in this age group cut down dairy intake? If they do, why women cut down their diary intake; If they don’t, hows their dairy intake level?)

Methods section (250words): Outline search terms and databases used; search period; language; geographical location. Where relevant, set the boundaries of data extraction by identifying the population, intervention types, comparator and outcomes of interest (PICO) or similar framework for qualitative studies.

Main review findings and conclusions or key messages, if relevant [700 words]: synthesis and analysis of the relevant work; key findings; methodological limitations/strengths of work; implications for research and/or policy/practice. Critically evaluate and summarise the quality of the included systematic reviews or primary studies in relation to the review question. This step involves a narrative synthesis to give readers a sense of the current state of evidence, quality/quantity of the evidence, and direction of existing evidence.
Rescources could be scientific papers (correlation between dairy intake and bone health); or Media research (blogs/news articles directed to 20-29 females. e.g dairy-free recipes, natrotherapy, etc)
Limitations of review [200 words]: are there biases or other methodological issues as a result of the review methods employed? (This section is more a critical reflection of your literature search/review methods, rather than a critique of the research methods).
Justification (if applicable) [150 words]: justification for your proposed project (Capstone Deliverable) in relation to key review findings and messages.

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