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Please choose from the following options.

  1. Students will create a promotional campaign to bring awareness to a Black political prisoner that has been incarcerated. Make sure to include what political organizations they were a part of, what are the reasons they were prosecuted/ what crimes were they accused of, who has come to their aid, and strategies for helping them. This can be a video, podcast, or visual/graphic arts campaign. Research campaigns to free Assata. Be sure to tie your chosen political prisoner plight to Assata.  Audio or Video campaigns should be no longer than 5 minutes. Visual campaigns should include
  2. Students will pick a political prisoner to write an essay on. The student should compare and contrast their chosen political prisonor with Assata’s story. Points of comparison can include but are not limited to political organizations, treatment in prison, upbringing, prosecution, alleged crimes, radicalization, current status, etc. The essay should be 4-5 pages


I am looking for an understanding of Assata: An autobiography in each of these options. Please use MLA format and cite your sources.

Sample list of political prisoners: 

  • Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown)
  • Mumia Aba-Jamal
  • Josh Williams
  • Colinford Mattis
  • Urooj Rahman
  • Sundiata Acoli
  • Herman Bell
  • Veronza Bowers
  • Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald
  • Kenny “Zulu” Whitmore aka Eusi Zulu Heshima
  • Ruchell “Cinque” Magee
  • Jalil Abdul Muntaqim (aka Anthony Bottom)
  • Pete O’Neal
  • Ed Poindexter
  • Mutulu Shakur
  • Russell ‘Maroon’ Shoatz  (aka Russell Shoats)
  • Kamau Sidiki (aka Freddie Hilton)
  • Seth Ben Ysaac Ben Ysrael (aka Robert ‘Seth’ Hayes)
  • David Rice
  • Herman Wallace
  • Marshall Eddie Conway
  • Albert Woodfox
  • Malik Shakur Latine
  • Delbert Orr Africa
  • Eddie Goodman Africa
  • Janet Holloway Africa
  • Janine Phillips Africa
  • Michael Davis Africa
  • Chuck Sims Africa
  • Veronza Bowers Jr
  • Joseph Bowen
  • Jerry “Odinka” Duniga

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