Real life negotiation

For this assignment, you are to do a real life negotiation, which I want to do a car purchase negotiation. You could buy whatever brand of car you want, but you do not just pay the price base on what the dealer offer you, you are going to negotiate with them. The fist page of this assignment will be the planning document of this negotiation, which I would post an example for you to look at. You must determine what your BATANA, reservation price, target price and so on. (just follow every thing in the example). The second and third pages should be your own analysis of this negotiation, the instruction for this analysis is as follow The post-negotiation analysis will allow you to reflect on successful and failed strategies and should allow you to better prepare for and respond during subsequent negotiations. Specifically, you will evaluate your behavior and your classmates’ behavior in a negotiation exercise. Your task is to describe your perceptions and significant insights gained from your participation in one of the negotiation exercises. This assignment should not be a detailed report of everything that happened in the negotiation. Briefly, describe what happened in the negotiation, providing only a short overview of the key events. Your writing should focus on analysis and insights. Although not an exhaustive list, here are a few examples of the type of issues that you could address: Who controlled the negotiation and how did they do it? What were the critical factors that affected the negotiation situation and outcomes and what can you say about these factors in general? How did the negotiation context differ from other exercises, and what new factors did this context highlight? What did you learn about yourself from this experience? What did you learn about the behavior of others? What did you learn about bargaining and conflict from this situation?

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