Reflection Essay

This essay is class reflection essay basically response to the writing teacher what you learn from those chapters assignment and material. those chapters are Narrtive,Summary, Analysis, Argument. This Reflection Essay should begin with the introduction. The introduction shoud include how you started wrote this paper, what you think of this assignment. At the beginning of each chapter, it needs a define each chapter’s meaning. (like define what is Summary)

It should response what did you learn from each chapter’s reading(NFG and AGWR), what did you learn from the peer review after each chapter’s writing.(make up stories about how you learn from the online classmate and how their essay help you to improve your writing) How you improve your writing in each writing chapter. also writing what you learn in weekly reflection and how this assignment helps you improve your writing. Other NFG I will upload as PDF and photos as the reflection assigment. NFG Argument link: NFG analysis link:

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