Reflective Essay on a Scenario

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CNA153 – Semester 3, 2016 Assessment Task 3 – Scenario 3 You are an undergraduate nursing student and are one-week into your PEP on a busy medical ward of a regional hospital. You are on an afternoon shift and with your preceptor, have been asked to care for Shelley, a 27-year-old female who was admitted 3 days earlier with a suspected case of left lower lobe pneumonia. Shelley also has an acquired brain injury (ABI), which she sustained 18 months ago after a fall from her horse. Shelley normally lives with her mother, but leading up to her admission, she had been in respite care while her mother was on a three-week visit with her son (Shelley’s brother) interstate. Shelley is mostly independent in regard to her activities of daily living, but she does need occasional prompting or assistance and requires close supervision due to her tendency to wander into other patient’s rooms or abscond from the hospital altogether. She is mostly pleasant and cooperative, but has been a little anxious about her mother being away. Earlier today, Shelley was found wandering the streets several blocks from the hospital, and was returned by the local police after a call from a concerned resident. You have been advised in handover that Shelley is now to be nursed in bed at all times, with her bed rails raised and door closed. An order has also been written up for a regular dose of sedative medication to commence immediately. On entering Shelley’s room, she screams to be let out of the bed and flatly refuses to take the medication.

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