Description of Assignment This assignment has two parts. Students will provide an individual reflection on what they have learnt from their participation in PIIT. This commentary will draw on the learning content, briefing papers, the group report, readings and the experiences of working as part of a team. Students should also describe any changes in perspective they may have had during the unit from the perspectives of Interpersonal and IT-related issues. Page 2 of 6 ICT30005 Professional Issues in IT – Briefing Paper Assessment Guidelines Part A (approx. 1250 words) For your reflection on Interpersonal issues you must answer the TWO compulsory questions (see below) and TWO of the optional questions (see below). Do not answer all questions. You will be assessed on evidence of the level of your critical analysis and reflection on these topics. Compulsory items – Answer both: A. What was your goal/motivation in deciding to embark on the topic you chose for your project? Has the unit made you re-evaluate the major/specialisation you have chosen and the career path you had planned? How did this research impact on your aspirations and plans because of what you have learnt through this unit? B. Based on your experience of group work in this unit what kinds of behaviours might be important for an ICT professional working in a group or team with members from a wide variety of different backgrounds (e.g. diversity of skills, gender, age, religion and ethnicity)? In what ways, did you contribute to a sound team performance? What could you have done better to make sure your team worked better? How could you have helped others in your team to perform better? Other items – choose ANY TWO: • What are your most memorable moments of PIIT, and why? • What are some of the key professional roles and responsibilities for a modern ICT Professional? How might these affect you in your future work? • How did you judge your Professionalism, Legitimacy and Competency in the field of ICT before you began this unit and how will you judge these qualities when you are working in industry? (An acceptable answer is “I didn’t judge, hadn’t thought about it before” … but your marker will want you to describe further, e.g. why you didn’t think about the issues etc.) • What kinds of changes do you feel have occurred to the way you perceive the work of ICT professionals during this unit? In what ways have your ways of thinking changed in the course? What have you learnt in the course? How have you benefited? • How might having taken this unit improved your induction into the ICT profession?

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