Relational Listening with an emphasis on Empathetic Listening.

 REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE ASSIGNMENT: In this section of the critical review paper, consider it the “body” of your paper. You will need to incorporate a minimum of 8 journal articles (or more) of different journal articles surrounding your topic and review the material within the articles/studies and write down the important findings from these articles. I will provide these and you can add any you see fit. However, they must be peer-reviewed journal articles with no websites or magazines allowed. You do NOT write up one article at a time but rather weave the articles into your own literature review as some authors may be in agreement with findings and others in disagreement with similar findings. Not all authors or articles look at the same issues on the same topic nor find equal conclusions. This review of literature is where you discuss all the articles/studies that you have researched to help answer your research questions. This section should be 3-4 pages long. For the Review of Literature assignment, I am only asking for this portion of the paper to be turned in for the assignment. I am attaching an example of a review of literature from one of my own listening articles as an example of what a review of literature resembles. You can also view any journal article and read other reviews of literature as almost all research articles contain reviews of literature as part of their published material. Please cite at least 6 (or more) of your 8 required journal articles for this review of literature assignment. Any research paper of course is enhanced with more sources that are added but 8 is the bare minimum required.

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