Research essay (People around the globe are impacted by the choices that we make as individual consumers).

 To be truly information literate, you need to understand how information is produced, the forms information comes in, and where to locate information sources. You need to be able to evaluate sources and select the best ones for your purposes. And finally, you need to be able to clearly communicate your research results. As you are guided through this assignment, you will complete all of these tasks. Your end result will be a well-researched and articulate essay on one of the three topics about which you have read in this module. Conduct research for, and write a research essay on a topic related to one of the three previous sections of Module 1: 1. Over time, our conceptions of individual and community health have changed in significant ways. 2. People around the globe are impacted by the choices that we make as individual consumers. 3. The decisions we make as individuals have a significant impact on the environment. You are required to submit the following pre-writing elements: · Your Web Check: criteria for evaluating websites · Finding a Focus worksheet · Notes, from at least 6 different sources-two of which must be print sources · Creating an Outline worksheet · A first draft In order to complete this assignment, you must work through the book called Section 4: Research Skills. Included below is the exact breakdown of the marks for this assignment. Evaluation Guidelines

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