Respond To My Two Classmates’ Postings. 150 Words

  Guided Response: Review and respond to two of your classmates’ posts.  Review two peers’ career goals and determine:   ·         Is the goal specific?   ·         Are relevant skills included?   ·         Is a specific job title or industry listed?   ·         Are non-negotiable items detailed?                   Anna   Career Goal                   My career goal is to become a Special Education Inclusion teacher or Resource teacher. I want to provide a high quality education to all students no matter what their needs are.  I firmly believe that all children are capable of learning with the right teacher.  I believe my ability to work well with students who have special needs will help me reach my goal.  My strategic planning ability, and love of researching new ideas will help guide me in my classroom.  I must have a classroom that I am able to function in, in order for my students to be the best they can be. I am a true team player and having a positive work environment with support from co-workers and administration is a must for me.  Ideally I would like to have support from all of my parents, but I do understand that will not always be the case.  Being that I have a family, health insurance will be critical for myself and family.  I live in a rural area and I am willing to drive within 30 miles of my home, driving any more than 30-35 miles is non-negotiable for me.  Along with my husband’s income and the $57,040 median wage income that I researched for this position, we will be able to live comfortably with our two children.  I understand that typical work days can last 8 hours.  Being a teacher, I am prepared to work my school hours with the understanding there will be many days where my work will come home with me.  A deal breaker for me is being able to spend time with my children.  Working as a teacher, will allow me the opportunity to be at home during holidays with them and also allow me to be with them through the summer.                           Lisa       What do you do well? I love to help people. I have a passionate heart and always want the best possible outcome What energizes you? Goals and the idea of being able to reach those goals. I love seeing the amazing person my son is and that energizes me and gives me hope for my goals. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? I would create a facility in my town to specifically create an environment for autistic people. This facility would help with education as well as providing services and a job skills training program. It would also have support groups for parents.  What high school subjects did you do well in? I always did well in English, creative writing. I also helped in a county class for people with special needs and that is when I knew where my passion lied. What issues do family and friends come to you for help? Advice on how to handle delicate situations. I have had many of them and always try and look at the big picture and take into account everyone that is involved and the best possible solution that will be helpful for everyone involved. What do you receive praise for at work or home? Being efficient, organized and doing what needs to be done without being told What are some of your greatest accomplishments? Going back to school, only having two classes left before I graduate and not giving up. The accomplishments of my son and the amazing person that he has become even with all of the hurdles that we have experienced. What is something you do where you lose track of time when you are doing it? When I’m spending time with my children. This is my happy place, I love being with them. I also love working with the kids at the school I work at, I’m always losing track of time. I have explored different careers. I even have my associates and degree in respiratory therapy. I am a licensed respiratory therapist. This was interesting and definitely a great experience but not the career for me. My career is in special needs. I feel so comfortable and I have so much to give and so much experience with my own son that can contribute. My ultimate goal is special needs teacher specializing in autism credentialed in moderate to severe. Does the career you want pay a salary that meets your needs? Yes, the salary will meet my needs Will it offer you opportunities to advance? Yes, there is room for growth and advancement. There are so many different opportunities. Are you comfortable sitting at a desk all day or do you prefer to travel? I am not comfortable with either of these options. I prefer to be hands on working with students. Is the career you’re considering likely to be around when you’re ready for a job? Yes, there will always be a need for special needs teachers. In the career I choose the hours and days are perfect for my schedule as well as location. I already work at a school and have made a name for myself and my hopes are to work within that district. If that does not work out there are many great districts in my surrounding area. The only non negotiable is that where I work must do the best thing for their students and always have their best interest and always be thinking about the best possible future for them. My goal is to become a special needs teacher working with children in a moderate to severe class, specializing in autism. I would like to work with children of all ages and all disabilities. My other goal to create a nonprofit organization to create a facility in my community to help children with autism and to give them the services they so desperately need. This facility will also include a job skill program as well as a program to help students to become independent. This facility will also have a parent support group as well as a parent education program.      

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