Respond To My Two Peers 100 Words Each

   Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates. Be thoughtful about your responses and make connections between your introduction and your classmates’ posts. Ashley Reilly Hello my name is Ashley Reilly. I was having some trouble with the screen cast but I still wanted to introduce myself to the class. I am currently living in Knoxville, TN with my fiance. We do not have any children just one dog who is our baby. I work as a work force manager. In that I help people with intellectual disabilities see if they are ready for employment and if they are I help them find employment. When I am not working I am an outdoor person. Me and my soon to be like to go hiking, camping, fishing, and go for walks with our dog. When I was growing up I went to public schools and a lot of them. My parents moved around a lot so I did not stay at one school for very long. It was very hard for me to make friends after a while. What I do now is teach people. I teach people with intellectual disabilities at my work different things. I think that having a teaching degree can benefit me but also give me more options outside of my work. Tyesha Barnett Hello my name is Tyesha Barnett, and I’m so excited to be going back to school. Like I said before my name is Tyesha I was born in Jamaica, but I grow up in Philadelphia. Growing up for me was not an easy one but I made the best of it. I like forward to starting this new chapter in my life, I was told that I would never life to see 31, I was told that this cancer would kill me but guess what I here and I living by faith and trust God that I will make it through. Nothing in life is easy you just have to fight for what you want, and also believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to do. once again I’m very happy to be apart of this class and I cannot wait until I get my Master degree. Why did I pick Education for my major, well for one I like to be around children. I believe that in this day and age that education is important to have for this children. I feel like when I get my master that I would be on top of the world. My goal in life is to open a girls home for children who have been sexual abuse, I believe that I can help them get to were they need to be.

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