Respond To TWO Classmates’ Postings. 150 Words EACH

Guided Response: Review and respond to at least two classmates. Share a strategy with them that can be incorporated into the classroom and/or school to encourage parental involvement in the classroom. Why is this parental involvement important to the success of the students?                 Tawana ParkerAug 31 at 9:55pm Manage Discussion Entry                   Sep 4 at 7:01am Manage Discussion Entry         Tawana Parker I attempted to utilize the resource listed it wouldn’t load therefore I chose to research the effects of parental involvement on my own. When taking a look at the impact culture and family play in the academic success of students according to research, family involvement plays a vital role in the success of students. According to the Harvard Family Research Project, the children that had parental involvement and interest in their academics scored much higher grades than the children where the parents weren’t involved. Even when it came down to minorities, research proved that their parent’s involvement also had a positive effect on their academics.   Educational systems can support families and cultures by ” adopting strategies that will enhance parental engagement and educators can encourage parents to become more involved. As a child growing up I can recall having great parental support. Although my parents were divorced, I was encouraged to do my best in each subject and not settle for just getting by. I have always loved singing and participating in the chorus and Iremember spending a week in a vocal camp training my voice to sing opera. My mom had no trouble at all covering the cost and it is an experience I will never forget. I believe my parental support challenged me to do whatever I set my mind to and motivated me to give each course 110% making my educational experience fun and unforgettable.  As a daycare teacher, the children get so excited when their parents visit and assist me in the class. They are making memories that each child will be able to hold on to for a life time.     Reference (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.              Anna   Role that culture plays in academic success                 I believe the role that culture plays in academic success is unique to each child.  Each family has their own beliefs, and each family has their own way of bringing up their child.  The way one family may process information will look somewhat different than another family. Each child’s home environment will play a role in their academic success.  By ensuring there is a positive, nurturing, and supportive home environment, the student could have academic success. Impact this role has on educational expectations                 Some educational expectations that impact the role family and culture play could be, good school attendance.  If the family is responsible and teaching the child that the best learning takes place with consistent attendance, the child could be more likely to succeed.  Another way family and culture can impact educational expectations is through positive reinforcement.  Exhibiting this trait will help the child stay confident while maneuvering through the school career.  How can educational systems support family and cultures?                 Educational systems can support family and culture by incorporating what the student already knows from home into their daily learning at school.  Educational systems can also incorporate family participation with family oriented at home learning activities.  What do I recall about my parental support?                 I recall at home support from my family.  In a way I feel this support was one-sided.  My family gave expectations of a “C” or higher with anything less not being acceptable.  I was encouraged to strive for grades higher than a “C” because my parents didn’t want me to have “a C attitude” all my life.  There was so much pressure behind this expectation that I was often left feeling overwhelmed.  I struggled to achieve the expectations from home.  I do remember struggling at times and being told to reach out to my teachers because, “that’s what they are there for.”  How did that support influence my overall educational experience?                 Overall I feel I did more struggling than achieving.  There came a point in time where I didn’t reach out for help, because I was embarrassed.  I stopped caring about the expectations that were being placed on me at home.  My home life was complicated as I got older.  My parents divorced when I was 4 and life back and forth was pretty consistent until middle school.  I often used school as an outlet for attention, which didn’t help an already struggling student that felt overwhelmed.       

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