Reverse Osmosis.

That project will involve developing an EPA style Fact Sheet (described below) on Reverse Osmosis. A clear, concise, and neatly organized written summary of the topic. The aim for something like the Fact Sheets that the USEPA publishes on various topics ( A guideline for length on this summary is 7-10 pages of double spaced text (NOT including equations, figures, tables, etc.•The document should be properly documented with citations from the literature, and should include an accompanying list of references. Use a generally accepted technical journal format for citations.•The paper must be prepared using a word processor and checked for spelling and grammar. You will be evaluated on your understanding of the subject, the organization, and the clarity of your writing. The requirement: 1.The topic was clearly defined and a succinct overview was provided to frame the report. 2.If a given treatment process/unit operation is the focus, target/relevant contaminants are identified along with the properties exploited by the process. If a specific contaminant is the source of the review, processes that can be used for removal and the properties they exploit are discussed. 3.If a process is the focus, achievable removal efficiencies and factors affecting removal for an example contaminant are discussed. If a specific contaminant is discussed, reflection on observed concentrations, regulatory targets and techniques for achieving those targets are presented. 4.Advantages and disadvantages of the process discussed are clearly identified. If a specific contaminant is the focus, advantages and disadvantages of available treatment options are identified. 5.For a process focus, key operational and design variables are discussed and a summary of governing equations and design considerations is presented. For a contaminant focus, environmental processes responsible for transport and fate of the contaminant in drinking water sources or treatment are presented. 6.Energy and sustainability aspects of the treatment technique are presented. For a contaminant focus, possible treatment techniques are compared on this basis. 7.A case study relevant to the topic is provided and discussed in the context of the broader review. Writing: 1.Clear structure and organization in the spirit of an EPA fact sheet. 2.Proper documentation using a generally accepted journal format for citations and bibliography. 3.Clear and concise writing, no typos or misspellings and appropriate use of grammar.

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