Ritz-Carlton Segmentation, targeting, positioning a marketing strategy

This assignment has been designed to offer an insight into how segmentation, targeting and positioning theory can be applied to the hospitality industry. The completed assignment should demonstrate the use of theoretical models and techniques from marketing disciplines with analysis and application to the hospitality sector. Hence, students have to choose one organization from the hospitality industry (Marriott – Ritz Carlton Hotel) and critically discuss one aspect of its marketing strategy in the light of literature.

First evaluate segmentation, targeting and positioning theories given below and follow this with a discussion of how it is applied to your selected hospitality sector example (Marriott – Ritz Carlton Hotel)

Secondly, critically discuss literature and apply the literature discussed to the hospitality organization chosen (Marriott – Ritz Carlton Hotel)

The report, you should draw on theoretical material available and show evidence of wide reading. Critical thinking and evidence of your own thoughts on the subject are expected. Thorough referencing and a full, professionally presented list of references are essential.

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