Rooms Management and Housekeeping


The main objective of this report is to provide students with:

1. Hands on knowledge and to familiarize them with the day to day running of the Housekeeping Department.  

2. To expand on student learning about the relationship between housekeeping, The front office and Maintenance department.

3. Preparing students for a supervisory role within the industry.


In order to acquire the information necessary for the completion of this report. Students can select from one of the following ways:

1) Do a shadow shift with an Executive Housekeeper/Housekeeping Manager/ House Keeping Supervisor/ Room Division Manager and get the required information.

2) Conduct an interview with an Executive Housekeeper/Housekeeping Manager/ House Keeping Supervisor/ Room Division Manager that can provide the relevant information. 

3) Using the internet and the resources available at the college, the student can also prepare a research assignment that answers the required questions.

4) Students can use a blended method of Information interviews and online resources to complete this assignment.

Learning outcomes of the Assignment

After the completion of the shadow shift/ Information interview, students will be able to prepare a professionally presentable assignment that will encompass the following.

1. Writing the standard operating procedures  for the  opening and closing of the building

2. Naming and understanding of the daily reports that are crucial for day to day operations of the department

3. Recognizing the relationship between The Front office and Housekeeping department

4. Describing and understanding of the techniques/ strategies used in developing an adequate scheduling frame work, and its impact on the Department.

5. Describing the process of allocating rooms list and rooming keys to housekeepers

6. The content and  process involved in stocking of the room attendants cart

7. Clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the House-man

8. Listing of the tasks and key duties involved with the supervision of the public areas of the hotel

9. Explaining the day to day routine of looking after the swimming pool.

10. The types of  interaction between the housekeeping and the Maintenance department

11. Summarizing the functions and working of the laundry department and its relationship with the housekeeping department.

12. The role and routine work of the lost and found department.

The Structure of the report

The following is what is expected of the report: 

1) The report should have the appearance of a professional document

2) The font size used should be 12. The line spacing should be 1.5.

3) The report should be between 2500to 3000 words.( Excluding table of contents)

4) The structure of the report should have the following contents: 

a) A table of content

b) An Executive Summery

c) Main Body

d) Conclusion and Recommendations. 


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