Russell Westbrook greats besketball play

Sports Lit Term Paper Rubric Fall 2018 Trait Excellent Developing Needs Improvement Score Ideas- Possible 15 points This paper is clear and focused. The topic is one that can have different sides, and the information given is relevant to the argument (15 points) The topic is beginning to be developed and/or all information is not relevant to the thesis. (11 pts) The topic is a posed as a question, and it is not clear on the writer’s stance on the topic. Information is not relevant to the argument. (8 pts) Organization Possible 15 points The organization is clear throughout with all information related to the thesis. There opening, support, and closing are all clear in the paper. (15 points) The organization structure is acceptable; however, there is a little confusion at parts of the paper. (11 pts) The writing lacks a clear sense of direction with a start, details, and finish. (8 pts) Voice Possible 15 points The writer speaks directly to the reader in an engaging, compelling way. Awareness of the audience and the topic is present as well (10 pts) The writer appears sincere, but is not fully engaged with the reader and the subject at hand. (7 pts) The writer seems indifferent to the topic and is not engaged to the audience. (5 pts) Word Choice (15 pts) The words convey the intended message. The writer also demonstrates powerful and diverse use of vocabulary. (15 pts) The language is functional, even if it lacks much energy. It is easy to figure out the writer’s meaning on a general level. (11 pts) The writer demonstrates a limited vocabulary or has not searched for words to convey a specific meaning (8 pts ) Sentence Fluency (15 pts) The writing has an easy slow, rhythm, and cadence. A variety of sentence patterns are used as well. (15 pts) Sentence patterns show some fluency, but various patterns are repetitive at times. (11 pts) The patterns make it difficult for the reader to follow along. Sentence patterns do not flow and/or are repetitive throughout. (8 pts) Conventions (15 pts) All spelling, capitalization, grammar, punctuation, and citation skills are demonstrated throughout the document. (15 pts) Some of the convention skills are present, but a mastery of all are not show in the document. (11 pts) Many convention errors are present throughout the paper. The errors make it difficult for the reader to follow along. (8 pts) Presentation (15 pts) All MLA rules are followed throughout the paper. Both the cover page and works cited page are present and correct as well. (15 pts) Most MLA rules are followed with a few errors. The cover page and works cited may have some errors as well, but the reader can still follow along. (11 pts) MLA presentation is incorrect. The cover page and works cited page does not contain proper MLA style. (8 pts)

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