Sacred Space.

Description Based on the place you visited for your SACRED SPACE ASSIGNMENT. This is your chance to do some deep thinking about the community you visited. 1. History of the particular community. Why and why started? 2. What makes it a sacred space (what type is it?)? What elements are present? REFER to the SACRED SPACE GUIDE. 1. History of the particular denomination or branch of a religion or movement. NO group begins in a vacuum. Be sure to place them in a general timeline… 2. Who is the community? (what does their website/ or other written information say? What did you observe when you visited? Be sure to include demographic information: ages, racial make-up, men, women etc. as possible) Leadership? 3. What are the internal issues? Can you tell what the community is grappling with? For this you may get clues form their website. And/or see what other people are saying about them. (articles, podcasts etc.) 4. With what issues does the community connect in the wider world? Environmental? Gender? LBGTQ? War and Peace? I will attach the file with my essay about my visit to Sacred Space in LA. Also, these are the types of Sacred Spaces (question 2). SACRED SPACE: Traditional Sacred Space – A house of worship designed and built for a congregation to gather, meet and enjoy community for the purposes of worship, liturgy and/or ritual Civic Sites – engineered structures, secular in nature and scope – usually built by cities, states or government entities Landscape Sites – sequestered spaces with natural features including water, trees, parkland which encourage quiet meditation and pause

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