Safeguarding children and young people

Title to be just on the first page not every page, 1.2 line spacing, Ariel font and page numbers on the bottom right
Abstract (brief)
Main body
and Recommendation
Learning outcomes are:
1:Critically appraise the significance of current multi-agency working in children’s
2: Critically evaluate the impact of early intervention and preventative work and the effectiveness of teamwork
In depth understanding into the importance of protecting and safeguarding children and young people
You must talk about FICTION CASE STUDY related to ABUSE OR/AND NEGLECT, when talking about the abuse please ensure you link it onto a real identified case study the one i have chosen is BABY – P ((link the fiction and real case study together)
Please ensure Theorist are mentioned within the paper
3 key theorist
Vygotsky – scaffolding
Bowlby – Attachment theory
The problem oriented method. The case study is analysed to identify the major problems that exist to suggest solutions to these problems.
There should 8 sections in a case study
main body
1. outline the purpose of the case study
2. describe the field of research – this is the overview of the company
3. outline the issues and findings of the case study without the specific details
4. identify the theory that will be detail
5. Summarise the major problems
6. Identify alternative solutions t this major problems (more than likely to be more than one)
7. Briefly outline each alternative solution and then evaluate. It is terms of its advantages and disadvantage ( remember early intervention, preventative work, MAW, Belbin teamwork)
7 Conclusion – sum up the main points
8. Recommendation – briefly justify your (my) choice explaining how it will solve the major problems (citing properly)
Please ensure whilst referencing the some of “these reading list” are referenced

-Children’s Perspectives on integrated service

-Cultural influences and safeguarding children
-Changing children’s services: working and learning together
-Moving from blame to quality to quality: how to respond to failure in child protection services child abuse & neglect
– Team discussion making in child welfare, children and youth services review

Report must contain 2500 words please not above

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