“Scholarly Response on an Educational Issue: Behaviourism”

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This task will involve an analysis and critical reflection on a current issue identified within the unit and the means by which education and schools have responded to this issue. It will include a critique of teaching strategies, curriculum materials and resources and their impact on education in relation to students, parents/carers and the community. Responses should cover required readings and class/school observations based on an analysis of ideas raised (not a summary of the readings). A scholarly response may take the form of a literature review (maximum 2500 words) OR critical analysis essay (maximum 2500 words)

This task will allow students to begin to consolidate their learning and thinking around educational issues. The openness of the task will allow students to pursue their own area of interest and to begin to engage in the relevant literature providing support for their development in the unit.
Assessment criteria:
– Addresses the nominated issue through a clear line of argument and an extensive discussion of 3-5 key points
– Critically engages with required readings and additional research to support discussion
– Draws on effective examples from the literature to illustrate ideas
– Engages with relevant developmental/learning theories to explain how issues may be perceived and ?responded to in different ways
– Writes in a clear and coherent way (including grammar and spelling)
– References accurately according to APA 6TH guidelines

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